Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We have to start somewhere...

Every Journey no matter how long starts with a single step. This is my single step. I'm hoping there will be many more.  So here goes...I'm Michelle, a 36 year old lover of Disney, and preserver of memories.  I have always had a love for all things Disney but in January I finally started creating in the world of digital scrapbooking.  I had lurked and constantly looked for sites that may carry Disney related items.  So I found a few favorite places and started buying and buying but it wasn't til January that I actually started creating pages and learning all about Photoshop Elements.  I also discovered a Site that fed my obsession of Disney.  It's a place I call home on this world wide web, Mousescrappers!! If you've visited you know it's the most comprehensive Disney scrapbooking site that inspires creativity in each and every person who visits there.  I must check that place 4 to 5 times a day!

Being that I have umpteen pictures from my Disney vacations, I have not yet managed to scrap everyday photos.  I'll get there, eventually. But I am enjoying the process of scrapping all my Disney photos and reliving the wonderful memories. I've considered starting my own travel company; sending people on their very own Magical Vacations.  I have so much Disney knowledge that I want to share! And I have shared it with many family members in the past and the present.  My family has always said it would be a perfect fit!! So I'm looking into it and hoping that it's a path that I one day get to travel.

But Scrapbooking and Disney doesn't consume every minute of my day, I also enjoy baking and making yummy things. I frequent pinterest a lot and find so many yummy and crafty things.  I try new baking recipes from time to time, but it seems I have family members who are packing on a few pounds due to my delicious ventures in the kitchen.  So, I may have to cut back some.

That's a little bit about me, thanks for reading, come back often!
Have a Magical Day!

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