Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Who says money doesn't grow on trees....

      I'm always looking for a clever Disney way to help reward my cousins for their good behavior or for going above and beyond. I made these darling Mouse bucks that can be used as just that! As a reward to be turned in later for spending money at DISNEY!! Of course they are good more than just that. You can use them for the kids to trade them in for a different treat, say a movie night, or their turn to pick an activity.  I also had someone tell me she was going to print them off for her daughter to use in her Princess cash register, how cute!!
This can now be purchased at Mad for the Mouse Designs Shop!

PLEASE NOTE: You are not purchasing Disney clip art, but the time and creative process for these elements.  All clip was taken free from the internet.  
There are a total of 31 different dollars. Each bill looks like the top Mickey birthday bill, there's no fiddling around with putting new centers in. That was for demonstration purposes only.

The bills are about the size of a normal dollar bill. I have them in several different formats. They are saved on full sheets so you can print right from home, in jpg format as well as PDF format. They are also saved as individual JPG's so you can send them to snapfish, (they look amazing printed on photo paper!) I love it when the offer 1¢ prints!! You will have to trim them up though.

They also come in PNG format in case you have to make a page about your child's accomplishments and how he/she saved so much money for their trip to Disney!

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