Friday, March 1, 2013

The Magic of Sisters Release

Thanks  for coming by to help me celebrate the release of  "The Magic of Sisters."  
Tinkerbell and her fairy friends are just one of my Disney favorites.  She has a heart of 
gold and means well but always seems to get herself in pickle.  Miraculously everything always 
turns out alright in the end. So..let me introduce The Magic of Sisters to you!! 
Hope you enjoy it! It was really fun to make!

This can now be purchased at Mad for the Mouse Designs Shop!

These two layouts were Created by Erica, (Momeee) who is a Mousescrapper!!

  Here's a little gift from me!
  You can Download your Alpha HERE! Enjoy!

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And Here's a Gift from Lisa:
You can download it HERE

Thanks for stopping by! See Ya Real Soon!


  1. I am SO blessed to win this kit!!! I think it is one of my favorites! I used the Mousescrapper pp's to create 2 beautiful pages that I will have to share with you once I finish them up!

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful Alpha! It is gorgeous and with spring around the corner there will be plenty of opportunities to use it! Thanks again!

  3. Thanks so much and love the wings too!

  4. Thank you for the great Alpha!

  5. awesome!!! :-) thanks bunches!